A free consultation will be offered the initial meeting. Here the client and family will be able to personally meet the Speech Language Pathologist, discuss your needs and concerns, answer your questions, and provide an outline of the therapy process. During this time, the therapist will get general information about the client and provide some initial feedback about their communication needs. If the therapist, client, and parents determine a need for speech therapy services is necessary, the service agreement will be discussed which includes information about pricing, cancellations, etc. The client and/or parents will presented with a new client and case history form to be completed prior to the next therapy session.


During an assessment with our speech pathologist, more in-depth information will be gathered about the client’s current communication needs, strengths, and weaknesses. A case history and new client information form will be completed and discussed at this time. Any applicable formal and/ or informal evaluations/ information as well as parent input will need to be addressed.
Ridgeline Speech and Language does NOT administer formal evaluations at this time. If a formal evaluation is needed, recommended, or requested, it is the client’s responsibility for finding and obtaining a formal evaluation. If the client has been evaluated by another therapist, that information is necessary to determine the goals and direction of treatment. Please inform Ridgeline Speech and Language if the client has been previously evaluated. Please also bring all assessments/ test results to your first appointment. Please be advised that standardized assessments are not always necessary to begin treatment.

Therapy Details

Every client Ridgeline Speech and Language serves will have an individualized therapy plan and goals developed with the team; the Speech Language Pathologist, client, and parents, if applicable.
Therapy sessions are done in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minutes one time weekly; however, the therapy program may be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs and circumstances of the client.
Before and after each therapy session, the Speech Language Pathologist, client, and/or parents will have an opportunity to discuss the client’s current level of performance, any concerns or suggestions needed, and client progress. Parent guidance and training will also be available to ensure support and generalization of the client’s goals.
The therapist will ensure all information discussed will be documented as well as the client’s performance to allow progress to be monitored.