Consultation— Free

The therapist will come to your house so you are able to meet them and discuss the terms of service. The process of therapy and any questions you have will be answered. Paperwork necessary for the initiation of therapy services and the Speech and/or Language Screening will be presented.

Speech and/or Language Screening— $60 (30-minutes)

The therapist will come to your house and discuss in-detail the information necessary to begin therapy. A case history, any current speech/ language evaluations, and parent/ client input is necessary. Further informal testing will be completed at this time.

Individual Therapy Sessions— $45 (30- minutes)*

                                                  — $65 (45- minutes)*

                                                  — $85 (60- minutes)*

The therapist will come to your house at the designated time and conduct therapy. There will be time allotted before and after therapy to collaborate with the parents/ client about progress and the plan for therapy.
*an additional $5 will be added for travel time over 15 miles of the home office.


Payment is due prior to the time of service, and may be completed in weekly, or monthly installments. Sessions will not continue if payment is not received. Payments can be made with cash or check. A $25 fee will be assessed in the event of a returned check.


Ridgeline Speech and Language is a private pay company, which means we do NOT bill insurance for services. Clients are responsible for covering the cost of therapy; however, an invoice will be given weekly or monthly, based on the request of the client, and any necessary information, if the client will be seeking reimbursement. If clients choose to bill their insurance company, the client is completely liable and responsible. Ridgeline Speech and Language does NOT communicate with or bill insurance companies.